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Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Sports Day and I'm out!

It's Sports Day today at Suwanwong School but only K-3 students up to Grade 6 participates. As a K-1 and K-2 ESL teacher, I am left without choice to conduct class amidst the unbearable noise of cheering squads and audience, drum beatings and shouting from the top of the studen'ts lungs! That's why I'm out today from the campus. I'm right here in an internet cafe enjoying the peaceful and cold environment .

I have some snapshots of the event but posting them can wait. I have to gather my energy to face my K-2 students this afternoon. I'll just review to them the songs that we've learned about numbers 1-10 and colors before I let them do their worksheet on COLORS.

Thanks God it's Friday!

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