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Friday, August 14, 2009

Teaching Song: Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes

As part of my lesson about the Body Parts, I teach them the nursery song "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes".

This is my Anuban 1/9 learners:

Teaching Body Parts to K1

Matching body parts:

Teaching Numbers 1-5 to K-2

Teaching numbers 1-5 to my Anuban 2 is already easy because they're already learning these numbers since they're on their Anuban 1 days. What need to do is they could pronounce the numbers correctly especially Number 5. They have to say "fayv" rather than saying "fay". It took me 5-10 minutes to drill them one by one just to let them get the hang of saying "five" correctly.
For boardwork, I posted a picture and let them count. I displayed below the picture 1-5 numbers and let them encircle the correct number. I then call students randomly.

Lesson on Number 1 (Part 2)

The lesson is the same with Anuban 1/12. Majority of the students also got excellent result!

Today's Lesson is Number 1

The Thai teachers already introduced numbers 1-5 but in their own vernacular. It's my tuen to teach them numbers in English. So I have to start on the basics. I introduce Number 1 and let them follow after me on how to say it in English. As time permits, I go over with each student and let them say "one",
After the drill, it's time to teach number 1 with illustration. I write number 1 on the center and surrounded it with objects. I showed to them that the number 1 is matched to an object before I'll call one student to do the same and I'm so glad of the result. They easily get it. My model class for this day is Anuban 1/12.

What's on my worksheet is usually discussed first and done through boardwork. I make it as easy as possible for my 3-year-old learners. Majority of these students did the worksheet without my assistance and you'll see how they're able to comprehend my lesson about NUMBER 1! I'm so glad of the result.

Matching activity for Body parts

This is a glimpse of how I handle my class in Anuban 1 (3-year-old learners). It was taken last August 11, 2009. It's my first period. All the rest of the class were celebrating Mother's day while we're having our class and the teacher in-charge was not around maybe because she was called in the office and it's my first time to be left alone without the assistance of a Thai teacher. I'm just glad that the learners cooperated and they we're quite good. Impressive performance they've showcased today!

I let them match the same body parts to develop their cognitive skill and hand and eye coordination.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mother's Day in Thailand today- we're on holiday!

Today is Queen Sirikit's (Thai's Queen) 77th birthday and at the same time a public holiday for it's also a Mother's day. We spent our holiday to my brother's place at Kuan Hin to celebrate my sis-in-law's birthday. This is the last holiday that I'll be enjoying for this term...he..he...Tomorrow, I gotta start my new lesson about Numbers for Anuban 1 and 2. I'm praying for God's wisdom and strength that it will be an inspiring school days for all of us.

I'll post my videos I took last week about my classes'- their chants, songs and a glimpse of how I hold my class. I still need to upload them in Youtube. I can't wait to post them in here.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My preschoolers are learning the body parts

Presenting to you some of the preschoolers I have handled. There are 13 sections of Anuban 1 (3 years old) and 12 sections of Anuban 2 (4 years old). There are about 430 students from Anuban 1 and 470 students from Anuban 2. I just meet each class once a week so I see to it that they're learning and enjoying our class so that they'll not forget what they've learned from each meetings.

Anuban 1/12- Majority of them are wearing face mask because of the threat of Novel H1N1.

Matching activity

They got it!

Anuban 1/1

Anuban 2/10- doing their worksheet- matching the body parts pictures to its words

Boardwork for Anuban 2/3- Matching type

She's able to connect the phrase to the right picture. We already learned the vocabulary with -at end sound. I read the phrase, let them listen and they're able to comprehend the vocabulary previously learned that's why she's able to get the correct answer. Bravo!

Lesson from August 6-11, 2009- BODY PARTS
Song learned: Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes

Remarks: The children loves the songs and majority memorize it after 2 meetings and the result of the worksheet is Excellent
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