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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm sick today...

My energy has zapped today! I felt so drained today that I don't have energy left to do anything plus I have sore throat...I finally decided not to go to school so I just stayed at home blogging resting. I feel better today. I want to wake up early tomorrow and I'm hoping that my body won't feel lack of pep and vitality again.

The babysitter asked me today that on Friday she will not be able to come because she's going to have a "visa run"..Oh no..I have to be absent again...:( Thank God that when I told my hubby he said they don't have class on Friday so he'll be the one to take care of our baby. Thank you so much my dear. You really help unload the burden I felt this morning that I'll be absent from school for 2 days in a week. If it happens, this will be the first in history...he..he...

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