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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Workbooks for little learners

School year 2009-2010 is the first trial year for my school to include teaching English for Anuban 1 (toddlers ages 3-4). The administration pulled me out from the Grade level to teach pre-schoolers (a special request from our manager). I know that it would be challenging. Though I taught preschool in the Philippines, I am not yet so confident if I could handle this class. The only assurance they gave me is that classroom management is not a problem to me coz the Anuban advisers will be there to help me. My only concern is to teach English once a week per class and prepare a worksheet for them. You should know how hard is it to prepare worksheets for little learners who just encountered English for the first time. I pass a draft worksheet every other week, number the worksheet painstakingly and checked them. The same thing I did for Anuban 2 (I’m handling Anuban 1 and 2 , by the way) I’m glad that on the second semester, the administration decided to book bind the worksheets –a workbook finally! Now, I’m more relaxed coz it doesn’t take time anymore to number each worksheets everyday over and over again. By the way, we use numbers to identify the students’ coz I couldn’t read Thai script and it’s the advisers who will help me in distributing the workbooks coz it’s impossible to memorize each students number in 25 classes! I’ll pass the pencils while the teacher is distributing and stamping dates. Now that’s teamwork!

the teacher passing on worksheets

Problem arise when the teacher is absent coz the substitute doesn’t know the name of the students and the student numbers so I’ll either choose to have a game or oral recitation. For Anuban 2, I could let them do the exercises if they know their student number. I’ll just spread it on the floor and they’ll have to find their number (just get the idea from one of the advisers . . .pretty smart huh…) This second semester, there’s one class in anuban 2 that the adviser maximize the assistance of students- one will distribute the pencils, one for erasers and 2 or more students for the workbooks (they’ve memorized the numbers of their classmates already).

 one way of distributing worksheets if teacher-adviser isn't around and if students (Anuban 2) already knew their Student No.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The sun is out, at last

I thought we’ll not be having our class today because of the heavy rain and some part of Hatyai is flooded. I’ve heard from my co-teachers that that only our school and Thidanukhro have pursue to have classes. In fact, only half of my class is present. Thanks be to God that the sun comes out already in the afternoon. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a fine day and most of my little learners will be present.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No internet connection yet

All my remaining energy were exhausted after I gave the announcement of winners yesterday. I just wanted to keep my promise to you that I will announce the winners on the 10th of November. Now that my contest concluded, all my energy to blog was temporarily drained. It's hard to blog in school you know. After lunch break, I have to go to the other building , climb the 5th storey building where the school's internet room is found, surf the internet for an hour- the most time I could spare, get downstairs and be back to the teacher's office to prepare for the afternoon's class.

I called TOT yesterday to follow-up our telephone and internet connection. They asked us to wait for another 3 days! Okay, what can I do? I just have to wait....Anyway, I'm enjoying my life being temporarily disconnected to the blogosphere though I miss my friends in here and joining interesting memes- Girls Talk, Couples Corner, Mommy Moments and more! I simply enjoy the life I used to be without the internet. I hope to back here in blogosphere as soon as possible.

Monday, November 2, 2009

We've moved and blogging is impossible these days...

We moved to a new apartment last Saturday. I haven't yet settled in our new place and maybe it will take me a month to unpack and arrange everything. We already started our class today and it seems that I'm cramming with my lessons..Waaahhhhh....but thanks be to God that I'm doing fine this morning in my class - workbooks were already distributed in each class and during the review my learners remembered the past vocabularies they've learned and the songs that I've taught them.

It may take a week before I'll be connected to internet again. So just please bear with me this time. This is the reason why I can't visit you back nor reply to your comments. I couldn't join memes too. I appreciate your visit here, your sweet messages and comments. Thank you so much.

About the contest, it will difinitely end on the 5th of November and I hope we'll have internet connection again ASAP so that I could announce the winnners on the 10th. Thank you for supporting my first contest.
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