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Sunday, August 9, 2009

My preschoolers are learning the body parts

Presenting to you some of the preschoolers I have handled. There are 13 sections of Anuban 1 (3 years old) and 12 sections of Anuban 2 (4 years old). There are about 430 students from Anuban 1 and 470 students from Anuban 2. I just meet each class once a week so I see to it that they're learning and enjoying our class so that they'll not forget what they've learned from each meetings.

Anuban 1/12- Majority of them are wearing face mask because of the threat of Novel H1N1.

Matching activity

They got it!

Anuban 1/1

Anuban 2/10- doing their worksheet- matching the body parts pictures to its words

Boardwork for Anuban 2/3- Matching type

She's able to connect the phrase to the right picture. We already learned the vocabulary with -at end sound. I read the phrase, let them listen and they're able to comprehend the vocabulary previously learned that's why she's able to get the correct answer. Bravo!

Lesson from August 6-11, 2009- BODY PARTS
Song learned: Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes

Remarks: The children loves the songs and majority memorize it after 2 meetings and the result of the worksheet is Excellent

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