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Friday, August 14, 2009

Today's Lesson is Number 1

The Thai teachers already introduced numbers 1-5 but in their own vernacular. It's my tuen to teach them numbers in English. So I have to start on the basics. I introduce Number 1 and let them follow after me on how to say it in English. As time permits, I go over with each student and let them say "one",
After the drill, it's time to teach number 1 with illustration. I write number 1 on the center and surrounded it with objects. I showed to them that the number 1 is matched to an object before I'll call one student to do the same and I'm so glad of the result. They easily get it. My model class for this day is Anuban 1/12.

What's on my worksheet is usually discussed first and done through boardwork. I make it as easy as possible for my 3-year-old learners. Majority of these students did the worksheet without my assistance and you'll see how they're able to comprehend my lesson about NUMBER 1! I'm so glad of the result.

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