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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cotton Candy Buzz

It's a nice thing to meet other ESL teachers sharing about themselves through blogging. Cotton Candy Buzz is one of them. The author Riza is an ESL teacher and a computer teacher at the same time . We shared the same belief that being a teacher is a noble and worthy endeavor. Her first love is teaching English and writing too, I presumed.

Cotton Candy Buzz was brainchild out from the concept that there are sweet and colorful things in life that are beneficial and there's a need for it to be shared. The author shared her personal experiences in this blog and it is open too for product reviews due to her interest in wrting meningful entries. You would know more about her site through the "About the Site" page. She clearly lays out to new readers what would they expect from this blog. I appreciate her for doing that. It's necessary to have such page to orient visitors and new readers to give them background of what the blog is all about instead of just wandering around.

There's no question about her pink layout. I find it so feminine, neat, presentable and page elements are in order. There's no distraction when you're reading her posts. Navigation of the site is just a snap.

The author has a knack of an effective writer. She writes in simple, direct and smooth-flowing language as if she's really conversing in front of me while reading her posts. She writes simply but concise. Sentences have no unnecessary words and no unnecessary sentences on paragraphs. It's a blog with quality.

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