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Friday, February 19, 2010

Pen, Paper, Pan

 Pen, Paper, Pan is a unique and catchy blog title for me. The author Yami used to work in a newspaper. In other words, she's a writer, thus, Pen, Paper and now that she's a stay-at-home mom for Naomi and Khalil, she used Pan to represent her being a SAHM that cooks. It's a brilliant idea, Marce Yami!

She just started blogging a year ago when her husband persuaded her to put up a website for her new clippings particularly stories about people living with HIV/AIDS. Her main website Mom writes for a cause was born out from that concept followed by Yam’s Files . Later on, as she learned her ways in blogging , meeting new friends and being introduced to joining sites that pays her to blog she decided to make another domain in wordpress platform to house anything about her experiences as a wife , a mommy, and anything that merits the authors attention. Thus, our stay-at-home mom just turns herself to a full time work-at-home mom.

The layout is fine with me with it's yellow background. It's presentable and no clutters of widget around. It's a 2-column layout , by the way. The header is appropriate to her blog title showing a lady in her kitchen with a pen and paper and a ...pot...instead of a pan. It's not a problem anyway coz the totality of the layout's presentation is excellent! She gave credit to Marce Pehpot for designing the header while Marce Kaye coded it.I just wish the author added archives on her sidebar for easy navigation of past entries.

As a writer herself, she knows what to write that responds to the interests and needs of our readers like her post about the benefit of using organic products and breaking the AIDS barrier just to mention a few. Visit her site for more informative issues.


Yami said...

Hi Marce. I love this review very much. Thank you! Hugs. :)

Yami said...

Ay oo nga pala, thanks for reminding me about the archive. ayusin ko rin yan soon. hihi. Thanks, Marce! :D

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