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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just glad he participates:)

Sawadee Pee Mai, Kha! (Thai language for Happy New Year!)

It's been a week since new year and I haven't got a chance to visit this blog of mine. It's just that I'm busy blogging in my other sites (think of 5) , teaching, cooking, household chores and handling tot on a loose...LOL!

About my class, I'm doing great and my students didn't fail to impress me of their improvement and enthusiasm to learn more in English. They love our songs so much that they would beg to repeat it a thousand times...LOL!

I'm just glad that those who won't particulate before had already overcome their fear and start joining the class and the action songs. Some of them even stand out!

I'm especially glad for "Nawng Chit" (the photo I shown below) who won't sing with us nor stand when I called him amidst the teacher's persuasion for the past months but now he actively sing and participate. Oh what a joy it bring to my heart!

I just hope we have all a prosperous new year. For all the teachers: Continue to do your best for your students. Pray for them and enjoy them. Declare blessings for them instead of curse. We have great influence for our students' life. Teaching is a noble ministry.

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