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Monday, December 7, 2009

How our school celebrated Father's day?

Father's Day is celebrated here in Thailand every 5th of December. It falls on the birthday of the King. The schools consider this as one of the most special events of the year. To show respect to the King, they put up shrines of the King  in every visible corner of the school, birthday messages and pictures of the king's "past and present".

an image of the King made from crumpled papers and  birthday greetings

a tree of birthday messages

The celebration of the school lasted for 2 days. Last Thursday, the preschoolers hold a program and I didn't know about this. I thought they'll have the program on Friday...too bad I wasn't able to bring my digicam:( I just captured some photos using the cam from my mobile phone.

I didn't have class for only 1 period and I wasn't able to finish the program. The K1 have their interpretative dances. Some carried it well , some just cry out there...he..he..(sayang pa naman mga uniforms nila mukhang mamahalin ) and some became amnesiac...LOL! They just stood still there wandering around and don't know what would they do. What can you expect from 3-4 years old anyway? They're just bunch of kids but at least majority of them did well. Bravo for the first timer! Even we adults have stage fright, right? Congrats kids for the job well done:)

Last Friday, I thought no more programs for the preschoolers but I was wrong. When I came in for the first period, some of the students were well-dressed. While waiting for the program to start at 9:00, they attended first my class at 8:20 am. I skipped the workbook exercises coz they need to go to the auditorium while I have to continue with my class with other sections. Too bad, I couldn't take photos with them with my digicam:( Anyway, I have some shots of my well-dressed students before their "show time"!

Aren't they adorable?

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J&j said... saw my message..thank for leaving me's great to see you here...
you said you have 25 lesson and 35 students in a class...that is a big number for me...I have 18 lessons and the biggest students number in a classroom is 26...and everytime..i need time to prepare my did you do that? so cool~~

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