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Monday, November 2, 2009

We've moved and blogging is impossible these days...

We moved to a new apartment last Saturday. I haven't yet settled in our new place and maybe it will take me a month to unpack and arrange everything. We already started our class today and it seems that I'm cramming with my lessons..Waaahhhhh....but thanks be to God that I'm doing fine this morning in my class - workbooks were already distributed in each class and during the review my learners remembered the past vocabularies they've learned and the songs that I've taught them.

It may take a week before I'll be connected to internet again. So just please bear with me this time. This is the reason why I can't visit you back nor reply to your comments. I couldn't join memes too. I appreciate your visit here, your sweet messages and comments. Thank you so much.

About the contest, it will difinitely end on the 5th of November and I hope we'll have internet connection again ASAP so that I could announce the winnners on the 10th. Thank you for supporting my first contest.

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