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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No internet connection yet

All my remaining energy were exhausted after I gave the announcement of winners yesterday. I just wanted to keep my promise to you that I will announce the winners on the 10th of November. Now that my contest concluded, all my energy to blog was temporarily drained. It's hard to blog in school you know. After lunch break, I have to go to the other building , climb the 5th storey building where the school's internet room is found, surf the internet for an hour- the most time I could spare, get downstairs and be back to the teacher's office to prepare for the afternoon's class.

I called TOT yesterday to follow-up our telephone and internet connection. They asked us to wait for another 3 days! Okay, what can I do? I just have to wait....Anyway, I'm enjoying my life being temporarily disconnected to the blogosphere though I miss my friends in here and joining interesting memes- Girls Talk, Couples Corner, Mommy Moments and more! I simply enjoy the life I used to be without the internet. I hope to back here in blogosphere as soon as possible.

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