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Sunday, October 4, 2009

English Camp starts tomorrow!

Our English camp will start tomorrow until the 16th from 9-12 noon. It's termed "English camp" but don't expect that we're going somewhere else and have the real camping. We'll just stay in our classroom and do the regular class but I wanna make it different. I want my learners to enjoy our class through games and songs. I wanna let them explore their speaking skill. By the way, I'll be teaching Anuban 2- the same students I handled on the first semester so it's not so hard for me to adjust and teach them coz I already had background on their learning capacity. I was not formally informed as always but I've heard that I'll be handling about 25 Anuban 2 students so for me it's just a piece of cake with my God as my strength and guide.

Though my class stops at 12 noon. I planned to stay the whole afternoon at school coz I'm not yet done with my worksheets for K2 for the second semester. I've done the worksheets for K1 already last Thursday. Last Friday, I supposed to finish the K2 worksheets but I wasn't able to go to school due to bad weather, laziness and health condition. I'm also planning to devote my afternoons for 2 weeks to accomplish the visual aids that I'll be using for the 2nd semester.

I need your prayers.

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Princess Sarah said...

wow, speaking of English camps, it's fun if you are many. If you're alone, it's boring, hehehe!

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