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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation Ideas

Last Friday our school celebrated the culmination of kindergarten-3 with a graduation ceremony. They look great with their black gown. I didn't see them wearing cap, some girls wear floral head wreath instead (not during the ceremony, but during pictorials). I wonder why the Grade-6 and Seniors here in Thailand don't have a graduation ceremony rindu. They just have a special meeting to receive their report card (it's much more like a report book for me) instead of a diploma. That's just my opinion as what I've observed here in our school. I remember back in the Philippines that we wore cap and white gown and we received our diploma onstage as we graduated elementary and high school years and the celebration is grand that's worth remembering for a lifetime.

Anyway, back to the K-3 graduation ceremony. The school prepared special areas with backdrops for pictorials. It's not like in our school before in the Philippines that we'll have the pictorials onstage and it's hard to find the right spot because it's jampacked with other graduates who wanted to take photos too.

Here are samples of the graduation backdrop that our school prepared:

The parents and grandparents love to give gifts at these moments to commemorate such a wonderful job of their little scholars. They don't have a hard time finding the perfect gift because outside the school's gate are arrays of gifts that boys and girls will surely love like the following:

Who could resist the charm of a "Barbie bouquet"?

or the power of the Ultraman vinyl Japan dolls?
They could buy their children's fave stuffed toys like Doraemon, Winnie the Pooh, various colors of cuddly teddy bears or a bundle of roses and many more!
The favorite of the girls during the pictorials is the floral head wreath. They look like angels with it on their heads.
More gifts are waiting to be picked up at my back. The prices range from 50 baht-200 baht. If you have a kindergarten who will graduate this month, what would be your gift for him/her?

Whatever it is, make sure that your kindergarten graduation gift is appropriate, something that your children will surely have fun with it but not overwhelming. For me, a good gift for a boy is something he will be able to play with during the upcoming summer months like a bike or a glove and a ball. For girls the kindergarten graduation gift of choice would be a new doll or imaginary toy that she has wanted for a long time.
I will be happy if I'll you'll share with me any kindergarten graduation gift ideassengihnampakgigi.

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